$400.001 Year Home Warranty. This is like a HMO for a house. It offers the buyer a lot of peace of mind. It covers all of the appliances, the major mechanicals, and even roof leakage.

$250.00 – Electronic Lock Box (rental). This box can only be opened by a Realtor. It is highly secure.

$  75.00  – Combination Lock Box (purchase). This is similar to the locks on the lockers at school. It is a secure way to hide a key.

$100.00  – One of our agents will sit your open house. Price is per open house.

$100.00  – 25 full color brochures.

$500.00  – Phone answering service. We will answer the phone, schedule all of the appointments, and make feedback calls for an upfront fee of $500.00 or 1% at closing.

$  50.00 – Extra signs. The first sign is free.

     1.5% – Upgrade to full service listing with our agent. All other terms of the Flat Fee Listing Agreement would remain in place. The 1.5% would be paid at closing.

We look forward to hearing from you. It would bring us great pleasure to help you sell your house. We will usually have your property live within 2 hours! Sometimes, we may need up to 24 hours to get all of the information from you.


List your home with 3 easy steps


Step 2:   Request documents for the specific plan you are interested in. I will gladly send them out to you to get you started and set up.

Step 3:   Send Me A Message