Welcome and thank you for visiting our website and, more specifically, our BY OWNER (FSBO)/OWNER LISTING PROGRAM. If you are considering selling your home and are frustrated by the high cost, if you don’t have much equity, or if you are perhaps upside down in your mortgage; then you just found the perfect solution at the right company. We created the perfect selling tool to supplement and compliment your current advertising. If you are more interested in our FULL SERVICE LISTING PROGRAM, more information can be found HERE


Sell your home …. use the same MLS the Realtors do … for a FLAT FEE of $450.00


Now you can sell your home “by owner” and have it listed in the same MLS that the Realtors use – the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is your opportunity to market your home to over 45,000 highly qualified and trained real estate professionals while retaining the right to sell by owner. Why hope that your ad or sign might be noticed by a potential buyer? When you allow us to put your home on the MLS, you immediately have access to over 45,000 professionals whose job it is to connect buyers with sellers. Also, when your house is on the MLS system, it is automatically listed on several top web sites including, but not limited to:,,, and well over 1000 local real estate company web sites. Please refer to the bottom of this page for additional posting locations of your listing. This is the same MLS system that your house would be listed on if you were to sell your home using a conventional, brand name, real estate agent.

We understand that you, as an owner, know your house better than anyone else. You have the pride of ownership that no outside salesperson can convey. So, our company is offering you the opportunity to continue doing everything that you are doing right now including: answering your own phone, scheduling your own appointments, opening your own door, holding your own open houses, placing your own ads online, making your own brochures, and setting your own price. Everything will be exactly the same as what you are doing now; except, your house will be listed on the MLS and you will have Cary Property Pros on your side to help with any questions that may arise throughout the process. By the way, we are not a “9-5″ company and can answer your questions 7 days a week/24 hours a day!


What is included in our BY OWNER (FSBO)/OWNER LISTING PLAN?


We will list your property on the local multiple listing services (MLS) for a one time flat fee of $450.00. Locally, that MLS is called Midwest Real Estate Data Exchange (MRED – Formally MLSNI). MRED/MLSNI is one of the largest MLS systems in the country that covers from Lake Michigan to Rockford and from Indiana to Wisconsin. Your property will be available to Realtors in all of Northeastern Illinois. If you are not in Northeastern Illinois or from another state, let us know, as we still may be able to help. We have resources nationwide.

Cary Property Pros will physically enter your property into the MLS system. We will also make sure you are not doing anything illegal in the listing of your property. Not as lawyers, only in our capacity as Realtors.

We will provide a showcase listing for you on This includes up to 25 pictures (provided by you to us), an expanded write-up, a headline (provided by you to us), and a scrolling text (provided by you to us) plus a gold border around the picture. Many companies charge extra for this feature but we include it at no extra charge for our clients.

MLS will allow up to 16 pictures which will be provided by you to us and is available to you free of charge.

Unlimited free access to all commonly used and necessary forms.

Posting of your ad to an astonishing amount of top web sites as mentioned above with additional posting locations of your listing mentioned below.

Unlimited postings of your open house notifications on the MLS and on

A free, professionally designed, yard or window sign with a place for you to put YOUR telephone number on it. The sign was designed with you and Realtors in mind. It lets people know that your property is BY OWNER (FSBO)/OWNER LISTING PLAN as well as being listed for sale with a Realtor. Naturally, you want the passersby to know that you are selling by owner and you want them to call you. Also, the Realtors want to be able to identify your property as the one they saw in the MLS so they know they are at the correct property.

You will have the option of having an unlimited amount of changes to your ad as needed including, but not limited to, pictures, price, description, details, commission, etc. all with a simple email. We believe that you deserve an accurate ad. Also, we work 7 days a week/24 hours a day so you can make changes and have access to us 24/7. We further believe that no matter what you pay for service, you deserve good service. Some people will do what we do and call it “full service” and perhaps charge you a “full service” price. We instead offer a fantastic service at a very reasonable price and hope that you will refer your friends and family to our company.

We will help you negotiate your deal at no additional charge to you. Since we have been in business, we have closed close to A BILLION DOLLARS in real estate using this program. We are very comfortable with the process. Hopefully your property will be the next one sold by us. We have agents on our staff that are trained and certified in negotiation.




If you sell your property to a buyer NOT represented by a Realtor, you pay nothing else. Period! However, if another Realtor brings the buyer, you will agree to pay that Realtor a pre-determined percentage of the final sales price. It can be any percentage you want; however, I recommend somewhere between 2 – 3%.

You can place your own “for sale by owner” sign in the yard (provided your community allows it) or use the one that we provide (see above).

You will need to determine the selling price. You will supply all of the room dimensions and necessary forms. You will provide the pictures. And, you will provide the guidelines for the write-up.

Payment for these services can be made in any of the following ways: 1) Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover are accepted, 2) Check (mailed in), or 3) Cash which is always welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: The FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) SPECIAL PROGRAM fee is DUE UPON ACCEPTANCE OF THE AD ON THE MLS and NOT at the closing. We will provide you with a copy of the ad. An invoice can be mailed to you but it will be due upon receipt.

In order to maintain the lowest possible costs to our clients and be able to continue to offer this fantastic low cost program, we treat this program more like advertising and NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THE PROPERTY IS LISTED ON THE MLS. Also, while we move a lot of real estate, we can not guarantee the sale of the property. However, you are with us until you sell or get tired of the process. There is no charge to cancel your listing and also no charge to extend your listing. Each can be done with a simple email request.

Many people have successfully used this program to sell their properties. As mentioned above, we have closed close to a billion dollars in real estate using this program. 

This is a bare-bones way for you to list your property on the MLS system. As a result, you end up doing the bulk of the work. It is kind of like that discount supermarket where you have to bag your own groceries but you save a lot of money. It is our goal to expose your property to the greatest number of potential buyers. If you sell it yourself, great! If a Realtor brings the buyer, Great too! Either way, you are the one making the money. And, either way you end up saving money. Think about it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain for roughly the cost of a newspaper advertisement.

The Flat Fee Listing Agreement gives us permission to put your property on the MLS plus it specifies the price you want to list at, the appliances that will stay with the property, and what commission you will pay to the buyers’ broker assuming the buyer is represented by a Realtor. The Input Sheet simply helps us to accurately describe your property in the MLS. Once your property is live on the MLS, we will send you a link, via email, so you can view the property’s listing immediately. We will also mail you a hard copy of the listing along with any other forms that you may need in the selling process.


A La Carte Menu:


If you are not happy doing the bulk of the work, let us know. We offer a complete marketing and listing program at a very reasonable commission rate.

Please check out our FULL SERVICE LISTING PROGRAM if interested and for more information.

Also, we can offer many additional items on an ‘as needed’ or A LA CARTE basis at an additional charge. We don’t think you need to buy a full course meal when you only want the dessert. So, we created an “A LA CARTE MENU” of our most popular extras for you to access should you want to.

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