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we believe the future of real estate is here. Now that the Internet is so prevalent, almost everyone has access to a wealth of information. Information that only Realtors were privileged to just a few years ago. Remember the “old days” when it was almost forbidden to take the “books” out of the office? By the way, the books are history now!


So why do you need a Realtor?

1. A Realtor knows every aspect of the entire process from finding the right home to negotiating a great deal for you to properly filling out the necessary paperwork as well as all the other steps along the way to a successful closing.

2. A Realtor helps you in negotiating a fair and reasonable sales (asking) price.

3. A Realtor searches the vast inventory of homes available so you don’t have to spend your valuable time.

4. Once the contract is signed, a Realtor will monitor transaction process with the mortgage company, inspectors, lawyers and title search companies. If each step isn’t completed at the right time, your closing will be delayed! We see to it that everything runs smoothly and without a hitch.

5. A Realtor makes sure that all parties involved in the transaction (lawyers, home inspectors, lenders, etc.) receive and process all the needed documents in a timely fashion.

Is A Realtor REALLY on my side?

The answer, in short, is YES!

It is a common misconception to believe that a Realtor is not working on your behalf. And, as recently as a few years ago in Illinois, ALL REALTORS actually worked for the SELLER. It was their duty to get the highest price for the seller. That was called “sub-agency” and, in some states, business is still conducted this way.

But, in the State of Illinois, we now have “Buyers Agency”. By law, as a Realtor in Illinois, if a Realtor is working with a buyer, they MUST put the best interest of that buyer first. Is is their responsibility to represent the buyer in the best way possible to meet and achieve their needs and desires. Under “Buyer Agency”, a Realtor owes the Buyer a FIDUCIARY DUTY to the buyer and their needs.
But, you say, the seller is paying the commission so you must work for the seller. NOT SO! The reason the Buyers Agency law was created (and we firmly believe this) is: if it wasn’t for the Buyer, there would not be any money at the table to pay a commission with. So, because of Buyer Agency, it is our privilege and obligation to do our best as Realtors to negotiate the fairest and most reasonable price for the purchase of the home of your choice. And, any confidential information that you give us WILL and MUST remain confidential even after our business relationship has terminated.

Special Internet Offer

In an effort to track the effectiveness of our web site, we are offering a special promotion. If you use Cary Property Pros to help with the purchase of your next home, we will refund you 12% OF THE COMMISSION THAT WE RECEIVE PAYABLE AT CLOSING.

Imagine, Cash in your pocket at closing! Here’s how our service works:

STEP #1: Determine your “wish list” for the house you want to buy. The more specific the list is, the better the results will be. Specifically, we need to know the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, do you want a garage (how many cars?), basement, yard, etc.? What geographical areas (towns, cities, counties), do you want us to start looking in?

That is just a partial list. Almost anything can be put on the list. We will then put your wish list into the MLS computer and see what kind of results we get. Every day, we get notified if anything new matches your search criteria. If something does, we will immediately tell you. You then will check out the house and the neighborhood for yourself. If you like what you see, we schedule an inside tour of the home. Assuming you like everything about the house, we will then work on an offer and start negotiating the deal. If you don’t like it, no problem. We keep on looking. No hassle. No pressure. It’s that easy.

STEP #2: Have questions? ….   Send Me A Message